So Much Love for the 2021 Sesh

General Assembly Legislative Session Roundup Part 2 We’re sending our compliments to the chefs in the General Assembly who’ve been cooking up all sorts of progress for the Commonwealth! Our

Raise a Glass to Progress!

2021 General Assembly Session Round-Up Part 1 via GIPHY Another monumental legislative session has wrapped up where the progressive majority in the Virginia legislature continues to flex by showing the

2/26/21 Hero & Zero

HERO Our final hero for this legislative session is Del. Marcia “Cia” Price! For speaking the truth about the previous administration, the current state of the pandemic, and how both

2/19/21 Hero & Zero

HERO The hero for this week is NASA! Because the Mars rover touched down! Talk about perseverance. No really, talk about it!  ZERO The zero for the week is Sen.

2/12/21 Hero & Zero

Hero The hero for this week is everyone who was able to get a COVID-19 vaccine, including our very own team member Jen. Be sure to check out her video

2/5/21 Hero & Zero

Hero Our hero for the week is Senator Jennifer McClellan — not only handling the interrupters like a boss, but for explaining the difference between equality and equity. Zero Our

1/29/21 Hero & Zero

HERO Our heroes for the week are the healthcare workers working overtime to get us vaccinated. We would not make it without you. Thank you, seriously. Thanks ZERO Our zero

Hero & Zero 1/22

Our heroes are the women of color in leadership who are moving the most impactful legislation! I’m talking about:  The Environmental Justice Act from Sen. Hashmi The School Equity and

Hero & Zero January 15, 2020

Hero: Our hero of the week is Al Gore’s internet. Thanks to the internet (with a little push from the global pandemic), Virginia is now streaming 100% of its legislative