2017 has already started

Friday afternoon we learned the Virginia Governor’s Association dropped $5 million dollars in our commonwealth–the largest political contribution in the history of our state. The money is meant as a “marker”: a public indication of how much they’re willing to spend to put a conservative in the Governor’s mansion this November. It’s January. That $5M is only going to increase.

This is serious. The General Assembly only began on Wednesday but already we can see what sort of agenda a Republican governor would sign into law in Virginia.

A bathroom bill that not only would discriminate against gender non-conforming Virginians, but also drive business away from our commonwealth.

Radical abortion bans that put politicians in the doctor’s office to judge and shame women.

Massive giveaways to big corporations while Virginia families are left behind.

Further attacks on voting rights that would make it harder to register to vote and rigthe Electoral College to keep conservatives in power.

Increasing punishment for civil disobedience to crack down on peaceful protestors standing up for civil rights and racial justice.

Handing our children’s education over to greedy corporations more interested in making a buck than helping the next generation succeed.

Need I go on? Everything is on the line in this year’s election. With a Republican-controlled General Assembly, the Governor is our last line of defense for our families and our values.

Republicans have placed their opening bet on this race and it’s a doozy. What are you willing to put in, to stand up to the right-wing this year?