MY thoughts, you ask? 

by shay bell  You all – no one – have been begging me for my thoughts on session so far, so who am I to deprave you any longer? I’ve had to suffer through some things this month that have made me regret my career path, and I’m ready to vent it all out. I’ve […]


When Did Glenn Youngkin Last Buy His Own Groceries? 

Here’s something that will no doubt shock you: Glenn Youngkin hasn’t met very many people who make minimum wage. In fact, he thinks minimum wage workers barely exist: he told the reporters that he believed employers pay the minimum wage only in “very rare circumstances”and that he thought a minimum wage hike wasn’t necessary. After […]


Where are the GOOD Leaders? 

 by shay bell With election season being here, it’s really got me thinking about leadership. What it means to be a leader, how to tell a real leader from ones who are just here for the benefits of being called a leader. Oh sure, the people in leadership positions like to PRETEND they’re leaders, but […]


TikTok Goes the Clock as Conservatives Steer Us Back to 1980

You may recall Montana’s controversial move to ban TikTok in May of this year. It was widely regarded as silly and reactionary then and is still largely treated as such. So, what better way for Virginia conservatives to waste their time and our tax dollars than to dive headlong into Montana’s defense? Well, our attorney […]


Virginia Just Wants What Other Places Have

by Kierra Johnson It’s hard to watch California raise taxes on guns to pay for school safety in the midst of a gun violence epidemic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the measure is nowhere near the effort that needs to be put into gun violence prevention, which can be very frustrating for those who […]


Commonsense: Something we CLEARLY do not have. 

by shay bell Plastered on headlines of every local news website, two VCU students killed in a fatal shooting. Victims Adrianna Brooks and Matthew Gibbs lost their lives to gun violence before they reached the legal drinking age. This isn’t even a new story. We’ve heard this story several times over the past year alone, […]


Spare Us the Secret Police–The Public Ones Are Plenty Unaccountable

So, Chesterfield has their very own Secret Police–or at least police that are secret.  The department recently moved to redact 500 names from its roster in what is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to skirt any accountability for their actions. That they did this in response to OpenOversight VA’s request for a full […]

Press Release

Governor Youngkin Has No Right to Override Legislature and Remove Grant Opportunity to Expand Teacher Diversity 

Richmond, Virginia—Republicans and Democrats alike came together to create a grant opportunity for teachers of color that would lower the financial burdens teachers with provisional licenses face when getting their full teaching licenses. But without any public notice or justification, Governor Glenn Youngkin has taken the application off of the VDOE’s website and stopped distributing […]


5 Things I Hate About Senator Joe Morrissey 

by Ashleigh Crocker Senator Joe Morrissey has got to go! It took me forever to write this blog because narrowing it down to just 5 things I hate about Joe. You might know of the Senator because he is an anti-abortion Democrat. Or maybe you heard about him because he has been disbarred more than […]


It’s the Guns (And the Legislators)

By Kimberly R. Nario Last year I wrote about guns. This year, I’m writing about guns. I’m sick of writing about guns.  My brother was a student at Virginia Tech in 2007.  My mom worked near the municipal building in Virginia Beach in 2019.  My family frequents a restaurant across from the Walmart in Chesapeake.  […]