The Hits Just Keep On Coming (Yes, This is About Governor Glenn)

Anyone who has ever had to care for young children knows a tantrum when they see one. It’s to be expected with kids. They’re still learning how to manage their emotions, how to cope when they don’t get their way. The hope is that eventually they learn the skills they need to grow out of […]

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ICYMI: Youngkin Blows Through Fifty Thousand Dollars of Taxpayer Money and Accomplishes Nothing

On Monday, Virginia legislators gathered for a Special Session ordered by Governor Glenn Youngkin. Lawmakers were tasked with passing a state budget that would invest into our communities and expand work geared towards creating a Commonwealth where everyone can thrive, regardless of their race, gender identity, immigration status, zip code, or income level. However, after less than 2 hours, meetings in the House of Delegates and the Senate of Virginia were adjourned without the House and Senate budget conferees even meeting.  

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ICYMI: Community Members Support Equity in Schools

Community members and organizers came together in vehement opposition to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s attempts to ban what he calls “divisive concepts” but are really just measures to support equity and inclusion of all people in our schools.