Press Release

Youngkin’s Move on EVs Is Reckless, Costly, and Probably Illegal

Richmond, VA-–Despite his party’s failed attempt to roll back Virginia’s best-in-class emissions standards in the last legislative session, today Governor Glenn Youngkin announced that Virginia would no longer be permitted to enforce the robust emission standards voted on by the General Assembly in 2021 and instead, would be required to return to the more lax […]


What Do I Know?

By shay bell Every single day, I wake up and do my silly little tasks. I fill in some colors for a graphic. I write some words about the state of our Commonwealth. Every week, I get on this platform and tell you that everything is within our power to fix. But what do I […]


Where are the GOOD Leaders? 

 by shay bell With election season being here, it’s really got me thinking about leadership. What it means to be a leader, how to tell a real leader from ones who are just here for the benefits of being called a leader. Oh sure, the people in leadership positions like to PRETEND they’re leaders, but […]


Clover Power in Halifax, What’s the Deal?

by shay bell It’s been a minute since our last set of blogs, but I’m back this month with a bit of an attitude because I’m over white male greed.  As I’m sure we’re all aware, Virginia is one of many states aiming to lower their carbon emissions this year in an attempt to combat […]


August PV Spotlight on Appalachian Voices

Another report just came out sounding the ? on climate change––another “code RED for humanity.” The United Nations said on Monday that climate change is caused by humans, and that catastrophic weather events will only worsen in the years to come. Recycling isn’t enough y’all, we need immediate action from our leaders to tackle this […]


Leaving the Dirty Energy Economy Behind While Pushing Communities and Workers Ahead

After years of hard work by community members and environmental justice advocates, Just Transition will become law in Virginia on July 1. What’s that? So glad you asked. Starting July 1st, utility monopolies like Dominion Energy will be required to notify communities of an upcoming power plant closure, giving them the opportunity to plan to […]


Missed Opportunities to Prioritize People Over Profit

Several bills that would have held utility monopolies accountable for ripping off their customers were shot down by a state Senate committee this February. I was equally outraged and dismayed watching Senators from both sides of the aisle vote to allow Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power to continue to pocket the money of ratepayers unethically. […]


So Much Love for the 2021 Sesh

General Assembly Legislative Session Roundup Part 2 We’re sending our compliments to the chefs in the General Assembly who’ve been cooking up all sorts of progress for the Commonwealth! Our mouths are watering as we’re waiting for the Governor to put his pen on progressive bills so they can become law. There’s just so much […]