5 Reasons Why the New Lady Leadership is a Game-Changer for Virginia

Unless you were sleeping under a rock the past couple of weeks, you know that we did the damn thing and turned the General Assembly blue! We now have a Democratic majority in the legislature, and with it, more female leadership than ever before. This includes the new Speaker of the House, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, and new Majority Leader of the House, Del. Charniele Herring. Kudos to these history-making ladies!  We can’t wait to see what barriers get broken down next. In the meantime, here are 5 reasons why this new lady leadership is a game-changer for Virginia.

1.) It’s historic.

Virginia has never had a female Speaker of the House or an African American Majority Leader. Not only did the 2019 election turn Virginia blue, but it shattered two very old, very hardened glass ceilings! As one of the 13 original colonies, this is a huge deal for the history of our state.

2.) According to this study, women make more competent leaders than men.

Historically, there have been more men in charge than women. According to the Harvard Business Review, women are as capable as men, and it’s because of the patriarchal society we all live in that they don’t go after leadership positions. Thankfully, those days are coming to a close with the rise of more women in power.

3.) Female leadership paves the way for equality protections under the law.

Virginia could pass legislation to end discrimination in housing and employment based on sexual orientation. Can you imagine? The state with a history of slavery, Jim Crow, and structural racism can begin to rebuild, starting with equal rights for all Virginians under the law. Next up is racial equality and then on and on and on until we finally have the society we want. Can’t wait.

4.) Women in power is reflective of Virginia’s female majority.

Virginia is currently 50.8% female and 49.2% male. This means that the gender minority has been governing on behalf of the gender majority. Now, we’re fixing that by electing more female leaders overall and by giving those legislators positions of power to act on behalf of women’s interests. You know, basic stuff like paid family leave and defending the right to making our own medical decisions. 

5.) Men have had their way for 400 years!

Virginia has had a long, long line of white men being in charge. In that time, we’ve had some progress but not nearly enough. The time is now for women to step up, lean in, and bring some real, lasting, progressive change to our state. And we’ve only just begun. Next stop, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s offices!

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