A Statement on President Obama’s Farewell Address

Eight years ago, our country was in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Jobs left our shores, factories, and shops closed; families forced out of their homes. America even in the midst of gloom and calamity found hope.  President Obama campaigned to change the course of American progress fundamentally.

And he won, twice.

In his last speech as President, Obama outlined his administration’s greatest accomplishments: Marriage equality, LGBTQ rights, the Affordable Care Act, the Paris climate accords, Iran nuclear deal, and success against terrorism. Also, President Obama’s administration turned the economy around from the depths of the Great Recession and created 15 million jobs over the course of eight years.

The new conservative government will test the achievement made in the past eight years. Donald Trump and the Republican Congress promise to scale back policies that threaten the American economy.

They want to end the Dodd-Frank reform; enacted to prevent another economic crash and skewer other progressive reforms in civil rights, LGBTQ, and climate policy.

Obama’s Farewell to Arms?

The call for active participation was most evident throughout his speech. The course of American progress doesn’t end with an election. It begins there.  And it starts in our communities and Commonwealth. We must volunteer, canvass, enlist friends and family, and vote!

With President Obama’s successful two terms as President, we mustn’t let ourselves get caught up with the outcome of the 2016 election. We must take steps NOW to protect President Obama’s progressive legacy.

I joined the Progress Virginia team because I won’t let Republicans varnish our community with their conservative agenda. Progress Virginia is here to fight for progress in our Commonwealth. We’ll keep on holding elected officials accountable and fighting for our values.

We need your support to continue the legacy set forth by President Obama. We will stand up for our values President Obama fought for. We will stand up in our Commonwealth for the Governor’s race in 2017. We will stand up in the elections to the General Assembly. We will stand against those who seek to hate and discriminate.

Fight back.

The Progress Virginia Legislative Fellow program supports our efforts to make a more transparent and fair Virginia. If you would like to watch live streaming of the major committee meetings, please visit www.EyesonRichmond.org.

The Legislative Fellows program supports Progress Virginia’s efforts to make a more transparent and fair Virginia. If you would like to watch live streaming of key committee meetings please visit www.EyesonRichmond.org.