Abortion Access is a Right. Let’s Keep It That Way ?

Abortion access is under attack in the Commonwealth. Right now, it’s absolutely critical that we stand up to protect people’s right to decide whether and when to start a family. That’s why we’re organizing a Speak Out for Abortion Access at the State Capitol when legislators are back for veto session in Richmond on April 3. It’s time that legislators hear our voices and stand strong on reproductive freedom.

If we want to live in a world where people are able to thrive economically, socially, and personally, then we have to live in a world where reproductive health services and abortion are legal, accessible, and affordable. The ability to decide whether and when to start a family is a crucial piece of the puzzle for thriving communities. But conservatives both in Richmond and in Washington are obsesed with controlling people’s bodies and desperately want to take those rights away. They are threatening abortion access and even access to birth control on an almost daily basis.


In Virginia, people who have decided to have an abortion have a very difficult time actually getting the healthcare they need. They can’t just call their doctor’s office and make an appointment. Thanks to the many restrictions conservatives have placed on abortion access, people seeking an abortion have to travel to one of only 9 Virginia localities that provide abortions, visit a special clinic not once, but twice, at least 24 hours apart.

That means people have to miss work, find childcare, figure out transportation somewhere that could be several hours away from where they live, and pay for a hotel room. If they get that far, they have to read biased and inaccurate materials about abortion and have an ultrasound before they can get the abortion they’ve already decided to have. All of that when most of the time, getting an abortion is as simple and as safe as swallowing a pill.

Join Us At The Speak Out For Abortion Access April 3

We trust people to make decisions for themselves, and we believe that politicians have no business interfering in private medical decisions that should be between a person and their doctor. That’s why on April 3, we’re speaking out for abortion access, thanking the legislators who have stood with us to ensure that abortion is accessible for everyone, and demanding that everyone else stop tyring to block our constitutional right to access abortion.

Sign up to join us in Richmond at 9 am on April 3. (And if you’re not local, don’t worry! We have buses coming from Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, so you can still join us!)

We’ll be hearing from doctors, faith leaders, and people who have had abortions about why protecting access is so important and showing legislators that we won’t stop fighting until everyone, regardless of race, income, gender identity, zip code, or immigration status, can access the healthcare they need when they need it.