Actually, No, Trump Cannot Delay the Election

The Tweeter-in-Chief has done it again. President Trump tweeted this morning that he is contemplating delaying our November elections. There are safe, secure, and healthy ways to vote despite the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Not only can we conduct a safe and secure election in November, but Donald Trump does not have the power to delay the election (we have a Constitution.) 

“Trump does not have the power to delay our elections. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, voters won’t have to choose between protecting their health or participating in our democracy if they cast their ballots absentee in person or vote from home,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia said. “Everyone deserves the opportunity to cast their ballot in our elections and make their voice heard in our democracy. We must make sure that our elections are safe, secure, and accessible to every eligible voter who wants to participate. We can and we will have elections as scheduled on November 3. This is just yet another attempt from Trump to sow chaos and confusion in hopes of rescuing his rock-bottom approval numbers and dwindling re-eelection bid.” 


Federal law requires our elections to take place on November 3 and the United States Constitution states that elections must be complete by early January. 

In Virginia, voters are now able to vote absentee without needing to have an excuse. Voters can request an absentee ballot be sent to their home or they can vote at their local registrar’s office starting on September 18, 2020.