Ahead of Ayala and Anderson Debate, Voters Worried about Abortion Access, Gun Violence Prevention and Minimum Wage

Richmond, Virginia—After losing his seat to Delegate Hala Ayala in 2017, Rich Anderson is running to try and drag Virginia’s policies backward. As Delegate Hala Ayala and Rich Anderson prepare to debate for the first time this year, voters are anxious to hear about where each candidate stands on issues that are important to their families. According to a recent poll, 53% of voters would support Democrats taking over the legislature, compared to 37% who want Republican control. Voters are looking for a candidate who shares their values and will vote to increase the minimum wage, protect abortion access, and take action to prevent gun violence. They know Rich Anderson won’t do that.

“People who live in our communities are looking for candidates who will represent them and their values in Richmond. They want someone who will vote to ensure that their families have the opportunity to thrive and succeed,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia, said before the debate. “But we know that when Rich Anderson was a delegate, he proved over and over again that he was out of touch with his constituents on important issues like raising the minimum wage, preventing gun violence, and protecting access to abortion. When voters go to the polls on November 5, they’ll vote for someone who will look out for them and their families, not corporations and the wealthy few.”