Take the Monuments Down!

We all know that Confederate monuments are racist and gross. But the good news is, thanks to a new law passed by the General Assembly, which goes into effect on

You Want Us to Vote Now?

For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, the Virginia Senate decided to block efforts to move upcoming local May elections to a time in the future when it might actually

What Comes Next? It’s Up to Us

I feel like every day I read a new article that questions what will happen when the pandemic is over and how maybe this pandemic will help create a more

COVID-19 Virginia Community Resources

COVID-19 is rapidly changing the world. Adapting is difficult, but we will get through this by working together and supporting one another. These resources will enable you to help and support your community in this unprecedented era of quarantines and social distancing.

Progress is Good for Business

Since my partner decided to come out as transgender almost two years ago, we’ve had more conversations about how that decision would affect our careers, shared earning potential, and living