What is CRT anyways? Part One

If you live in Virginia, it is virtually impossible to not have heard something, even the tiniest nugget of information or mention of Critical Race Theory, commonly referred to as CRT.  

6 Things I Hate About Delegate Nick Freitas

Going through the bills that were filed this session, I noticed a disturbing pattern: many of the worst bills were all sponsored by the same guy. Who, you might ask? None other than Delegate Nick Freitas.

Fed Up With What the GOP is Serving

I hope y’all are hungry because Virginia’s GOP is serving up a buffet of ridiculousness. We knew this session would be different – and difficult – without a trusted Democratic trifecta to lead the Commonwealth. So when it comes to the nonsense some GOP legislators are trying to push through the General Assembly, you can color us shocked, but NOT surprised. 

anna scholl

So Psyched On Our Commonwealth!

July PV Spotlight on Progress Virginia! For the past few months, we’ve used the PV Spotlight to highlight other organizations’ work that will continue to make Virginia a better place