Constituents Visit Congresswoman Comstock with Letters and Questions About Health Care, Immigration and Fair Wages

A livestream of parts of this event can be found here. For pictures of the event, please click here.

Sterling, Virginia — Home care and  low-wage workers gathered Thursday morning at the SEIU 32BJ offices in Vienna to write letters and make signs demanding that Congresswoman Barbara Comstock hold a town hall to meet with them and other concerned constituents on issues ranging from health care, immigration, and fair wages. Then they headed to Rep. Comstock’s office in Sterling to deliver the letters and speak with her staff.  They demanded answers about how she plans to protect and improve healthcare access and affordability, protect immigrant families and ensure workers are able to have a voice on the job.

“My son has autism, and so affordable health care is very important for our family,” Becky Wang, a constituent of Congresswoman Comstock, said at the event. “If our representative is not working to save health care, it is going to be a problem for my family. So I’m here to ask Congresswoman Comstock to stand up with us and help save the Affordable Care Act”

“You shouldn’t be afraid of us,” Jim Vollmer, another Comstock constituent said. “We just want to meet you in person to express our interests and concerns.”

Congresswoman Comstock has been an adamant purveyor of dismantling the Affordable Care Act, has compared immigrants to packages that can be tracked like Fed-ex packages, and opposed Obama’s overtime rules executive order as well as raising the minimum wage.