David Ermold is Our Hero

Hero or Zero?
December 8

Welcome to Progress Virginia’s Zero or Hero, a weekly, unapologetically progressive take on this week’s heroes and zeros in Virginia politics. Check out this space every Friday, and Tweet us or post to our Facebook to nominate your own heroes and zeros.

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Hero: David Ermold

You might recall Kim Davis from Kentucky, who denied same-sex couples marriage certificates in 2015. Well she’s still the county clerk but one Davis Ermold is running against her.

David and his partner of 20 years were denied a marriage license in 2015—by Kim Davis. Hey Kim. Love Wins.

Zero: E.W. Jackson

E.W. Jackson is planning to run for U.S. Senate next year. In case you’re wondering, yes that is the same E.W. Jackson who believe that yoga leads to Satanism and that gay people are “very sick“.

Jackson for Senate? No thank you.