Ed Gillespie Doubles Down On Racist Tactics In TV Ad

Not content with just demonizing the Latino community, Gillespie attacks rights restoration policies

Richmond, VA – GOP candidate for Governor Ed Gillespie doubled down on his racist campaign tactics today, releasing a new t.v. advertisement attacking Governor Terry McAuliffe’s historic work to restore voting rights to Virginia’s returning citizens. Virginia is one of only a handful of states that permanently disenfranchise individuals with past felony convictions. According to the Advancement Project, prior to Governor McAuliffe’s actions, 7% of Virginia’s adult population was blocked from voting. Of that group, over half are African-American, far outpacing their percentage of the general population.

“Ed Gillespie has abandoned any pretense of supporting the rights of ‘all Virginians,’” said Progress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl. “On the heels of his despicable attacks on our Latino friends and neighbors, Gillespie is now declaring loud and clear that he’s a strong supporter of racist laws that disproportionately block black Virginians from the ballot box. Our democracy is strongest when every voice is heard. Giving returning citizens who have paid their debt to society a voice in community decisions gives them a stake in our collective future. Ed Gillespie may be unable to forgive Virginians who have made a mistake and done their time but Virginia voters will certainly be unable to forgive his rampantly racist campaign.”