Gillespie On His Lobbying Clients: “I Was Effective On Their Behalf”

In Third Debate, Gillespie Comes Clean On Lobbying Record

Wise, VA–GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie finally came clean on his lobbying record in tonight’s third and final debate of the VA governor’s race, raising new questions about his fealty to clients versus constituents. In defending his work lobbying for big corporations like Bank of America and NelNet, Gillespie said, “I did show up for my clients….and was effective on their behalf.”

Gillespie’s comments are just the latest in a string of concerns over Gillespie’s work for and ties to special interests. In his lobbying career, Gillespie was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by student loan lenders like NelNet and College Loan Corporation to push back against proposals to make college more affordable.

Now, Gillespie is again benefitting from the checkbooks of special interests–like the DeVos family and the National Rifle Association. Virginians are right to wonder who Ed Gillespie will show up for–our families or whomever is signing the biggest check?

“Virginia families need a champion in the Governor’s mansion who will fight every day to make our lives better,” said Progress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl. “Ed Gillespie told us on stage tonight that his advocacy is sold to the highest bidder. We know who is placing their bets on Ed Gillespie–extremists like Betsy DeVos and her family and the NRA. With friends like those, how can Virginia families ever trust Ed Gillespie is working for us?”