Glenn Youngkin Cut Staff At Nursing So Much That It Resulted In Elder Abuse

Glenn Youngkin will do anything to make a dollar, even if that means abusing the elderly. With ⅕ our state‘s nursing homes failing to meet staffing standards, voting Glenn Youngkin into office will not help improve the living conditions of our most vulnerable community members. 

While Glenn was at the Carlyle Group, the company took control over HCR Manor Care, a nursing home chain with 281 facilities in 30 states. In 2011, according to the Washington Post, Carlyle finalized the transaction by extracting “$1.3 billion from the company for investors,” leaving the company with huge debts. Part of the deal included laying off hundreds of staff. According to former HCR ManorCare staff, the company was so short-staffed, patients regularly soiled themselves while waiting for staff to help them to the bathroom. In addition, patients suffered broken bones, brain hemorrhage, opioid overdose, and more. An increasing amount of health code violations occurred as well. All because Glenn Youngkin and the Carlyle Group wanted to make a buck. 

“Glenn Youngkin abused someone’s loved ones to make money. Instead of investing money into high quality care for elderly residents to live out their last days in peace, Glenn Youngkin and the Carlyle Group focused solely on multiplying their own profits, cutting staff and selling off real estate to please investors,” Vanessa Clinton, Press Secretary at Progress Virginia said. “Glenn Youngkin and the Carlyle Group endangered the physical and emotional health of nursing home residents. If he could be so callous as to engage in elder abuse to make a buck, Virginians can’t trust Glenn to take care of the people and families in Virginia.”