Glenn Youngkin is an Anti-Abortion Access Extremist

Glenn Youngkin is trying to pull a fast one on voters regarding his position on abortion access. During the primary, he claimed he was “pro-life,” full-stop. Now that he’s won the primary, he’s saying his position on abortion is more moderate because there are three situations in which he would allow a person to access abortion care. But it’s not a moderate position to deny people in our community the ability to choose whether and how to become a parent—it’s anti-choice and anti-family. 

“Just when the Supreme Court has announced it will take a case that threatens Roe v. Wade, Glenn Youngkin is saying that he would make access to abortion care in Virginia nearly impossible if he were elected. There’s nothing moderate about inserting politicians into private medical decisions,” Ashleigh Crocker, Communications Director at Progress Virginia, said. “Everyone should be able to choose whether, how, and when to become a parent for themselves and should be supported in their decision. Glenn Youngkin is an anti-abortion extremist, and he’s trying to trick you into thinking he’s not. But we see through it and know that Glenn Youngkin is wrong for our families and our communities.”

“We know exactly who Glenn Youngkin is. His anti-abortion views are far from moderate. If elected, he will use his power to increase dangerous and discriminatory restrictions on abortion access that will put people’s lives at risk. We know that 79% of Virginia voters believe that the government should not prevent someone from making their own reproductive healthcare decisions,” says NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s Executive Director, Tarina Keene. “With Roe now squarely in the sights of the ultra-conservative U.S. Supreme Court, we can not afford to lose Virginia’s pro-choice trifecta. There is no doubt – Glenn Youngkin is a major threat to Virginians’ reproductive freedom and our ability to control our own destinies.” 

“The gubernatorial nomination of Glenn Youngkin sends a clear message: Republicans in Virginia want to undo the work we have done to ensure access to reproductive health care,” said Jamie Lockhart, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. “Virginia can’t afford to go back to a time when patients seeking abortion care were shamed and had to go through an obstacle course of medically unnecessary restrictions. Our rights are at stake if Glenn Youngkin becomes governor. We must move the Commonwealth forward by retaining the rights we have already fought so hard for while continuing to expand sexual and reproductive health care access.”


All of the Democrats running in the Democratic Primary for Governor support abortion access. 

Before the GOP Primary, Youngkin claimed he was against abortion in all cases. Since the primary, he has said that he would allow abortion acces in the case of rape, incest, or the health of the mother

The Democrats will select their nominee on June 8. Election Day is November 2.