Glenn Youngkin Refuses to Join Virginia Bar Association Debate

Just days after Glenn Youngkin was outed for lying to voters about his position on abortion access, he’s announced that he won’t participate in the Virginia Bar Association debate, a Virginia tradition since 1985. This move makes it clear that Youngkin’s campaign strategy is to hide from voters when he can and lie about his positions when he can’t. 

“Glenn Youngkin is skipping the Virginia Bar Association debate because if he participates, voters might learn something about his positions. He’s a right-wing extremist who is desperate to hide his ideas from voters. After being exposed for lying about his radical position on abortion access last week, Youngkin’s new strategy is to skip debates and avoid voters as much as possible,” Ashleigh Crocker, Communications Director at Progress Virginia, said. “Virginians want a Governor who shares their values and is transparent about his positions, not someone who lies, hides, and obfuscates. This election season, people in our community will be voting for Terry McAuliffe, who shares their values, won’t lie about where he stands, and isn’t afraid to tell voters what he thinks.” 


  • Glenn Youngkin announced that he will not participate in the Virginia Bar Association debate, a Virginia tradition that has been ongoing for 36 years. 
  • Last week, a video was released where Youngkin admitted to lying about his extreme position on abortion access because he would lose independent voters if they knew his true position on the issue
  • Glenn Youngkin’s website is devoid of policy positions. Terry McAuliffe’s website features position papers on 13 issues.