Glenn Youngkin was a Ruthless Business Man Who Can’t Be Trusted to Lift Up Virginia Families

Virginia—Election Day is just five days away, and voters are busy researching the candidates and figuring out who to vote for. But when voters find out about Youngkin’s record while at the private equity firm, The Carlyle Group, the choice will be easy. Glenn Youngkin’s behavior while at The Carlyle Group proves he is not right for Virginia. 

“I’ll say this for Glenn Youngkin, he sure does know how to make a buck. Who knew you could make a $440 million fortune by kicking low-income families out of their homes, abusing people’s grandparents, and neglecting energy companies so much that they later explode,” Ashleigh Crocker, Communications Director at Progress Virginia said. “We can’t trust a guy who will do literally anything to make money to be the Governor of our Commonwealth. A person’s character and track record cannot be ignored. Glenn Youngkin has shown us who he is, and we should believe him.” 


While at The Carlyle Group, Glenn Youngkin:

It’s clear that Glenn Youngkin will do literally anything in pursuit of making a buck. We can’t have a Governor like that.