Healthcare Advocates Host Press Conference Outside GOP-Sean Spicer Spectacle

Virginians impacted by the American Health Care Act told their stories about how the proposed law will affect their families

Sterling, Virginia–Thursday evening, Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary and noted shrubbery enthusiast, headlined a Republican fundraiser at Trump National Golf Course. Health care advocates and Progress Virginia responded by holding a press conference outside of the event to highlight the negative impact the American Health Care Act would have on real Virginia families.

“While Sean Spicer and Virginia Republicans are partying at a Trump golf course, Virginia families are at home, worried about what will happen if they lose their health insurance.” Ashleigh Crocker, Program Director at Progress Virginia said. “Instead of lining Donald Trump’s pockets while pushing to elect Trump acolytes Ed Gillespie and John Adams, Sean Spicer should head back across the Potomac and start working for a health care solution that won’t spell disaster for Virginia women and families.”

“As a transgender person who needs hormone therapies and other treatments, repealing the Affordable Care Act would be devastating to me,” Jonas Creason said. “Because of the ACA, I am able to get the treatment I need at an affordable price. I hope that Republicans think about the real people like me the American Health Care Act would hurt before voting.”

Trumpcare removes protections for women put in place by the ACA. Virginia women who have experienced sexual assault, domestic abuse, pregnancy, or infertility issues would be at risk of higher insurance rates. In fact, insurers could charge a woman who has given birth premiums four or more times higher—about $17,000 more—than men. Trumpcare also hits Virginia children. Large cuts to the Children Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) would seriously endanger almost 200,000 Virginia Children currently enrolled in CHIP. Trumpcare would spell disaster for many Virginia families, and in turn the Virginia economy.