Holla For Ayala: Three Things You May Not Know About Our Nominee for Lt. Governor

Have you ever been headed somewhere and the destination wasn’t clear at first, but it came into focus the longer you stayed on the journey? Well, I’ve been working in professional politics for a few decades now. After all this time, it has become clear that I’m working to get women elected who not only reflect my values but that I can see myself in as well. 

One of those women is Democratic Delegate Hala Ayala. She was elected to her seat in 2017 after voters gave the boot to longtime incumbent Republican Rich Anderson. After two terms as delegate, Ayala decided to run for the second-highest election position in the Commonwealth, lieutenant governor. If she gets the votes, she’ll be the first woman of color to hold the position ever. That makes me excited! 

Now I’ve sung her praises in the past, but this blog is all about her and her alone. Check out our nominee and see for yourself why she is a force to be reckoned with.

  1. She co-sponsored a bill to digitize the application for the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program. 


In 2019, her bill allowed local school boards to determine eligibility for the program and required them to feature the application prominently on their website as well as offer paper applications. This small step helped families access this vital program more easily, making sure that children don’t go hungry while at school. 

2. She got involved in politics because of a documentary about women in politics that called her to action.


“‘It struck a chord with me … it was like being gut-punched,’ Ayala said of the film. ‘At that point, I said we’ve got to do something about this. We’ve got to take a stand in our communities.’”

3. She was one of the first Hispanic women elected to the Virginia House of Delegates along with Delegate Elizabeth Guzman.


Del. Ayala has kept many of her campaign promises while in office. If I didn’t know anything about her history, she would still be the only choice for lieutenant governor this year. She will fight for everyday Virginians like all of us, who are just trying to take care of our families and enjoy our lives. Ayala knows that she must do all she can to fight for us, and we have no doubt that she will. Make sure you are registered to vote this November and see you at the polls!