ICYMI: Dominion is Asking for Permission to Overcharge Even More

ICYMI: Dominion is Asking for Permission to Overcharge Even More

Richmond, Virginia—After overcharging hardworking people in Virginia by over $500 million since 2017, Dominion Energy is seeking permission to charge even more.  Despite charging people in our community the 6th highest utility bills in the country, Dominion Energy filed a request this week asking state regulators to give them another undeserved shot at our money.

When filing their triennial review, Dominion requested a significant increase in its annual profit and admitted to overcharging Virginians for energy. They then took it even further and suggested that Virginians should be required to pay back the $200 million of “refunds” the monopoly was compelled to grant in 2018. 

“Hardworking families should not have to choose between keeping their lights on and putting food on the dinner tables because Dominion wants to make even more money,” Ashleigh Crocker, communications director at Progress Virginia, said. “When you’re overcharging your customers by $500 million dollars, you don’t get to ask for even more. During the triennial review, the State Corporation Commission must stand up to Dominion, stand up for working families, and deny this request.”

Dominion Energy asks state regulators to increase the utility’s profit  [Richmond Times-Dispatch, Patrick Wilson]

The request is part of Dominion’s application for what’s known as a “triennial review.” The Virginia State Corporation Commission will spend the coming months examining Dominion’s books, accounting and reported earnings from 2017 to 2020.

Depending on the findings, the commission might be able to reset rates or order partial refunds if it finds Dominion earned more than the profit allowed by law in exchange for its monopoly.