ICYMI: Workers At Dulles And National Airports Win $15 Minimum Wage

Dulles, Virginia—After years of organizing and advocating for increasing the minimum wage to $15, workers at Dulles and National Airport have finally won. 8,000 workers across the two airports will make $15 an hour by 2023. 

“We’re thrilled that the airport workers have won this victory and will start making $15 an hour in the next few years,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia, said. “Everyone should have the opportunity to work hard and raise their family with dignity, and we hope that legislators during the upcoming legislative session will make that the reality for everyone by increasing the minimum wage to $15 for all Virginians. Republicans and corporate special interest groups have been blocking an increase in the minimum wage for years, but we are hopeful that with new leadership, all Virginia families will be able to feel financially secure and thrive in their communities.” 

Dulles, National Airport Workers To Get $15 Hourly Wage Increase [WAMU, Ashley Lisenby]

“Kwaku Agyeman helps assist people who use wheelchairs at National for American Airlines. He is one of the thousands of people who work at National and Dulles International airports who have demanded higher hourly wages for years.‘This [wage increase] will help me pay some of my daughter’s college debt,’ Agyeman told WAMU Wednesday after leaving the vote.”“Agyeman works three jobs and said he expects a little more money over time will also help him ease the burden of his living expenses. ‘Now, I can at least go back to two jobs or something and then I will still be able to pay for my rent and have a little bit of time for myself to rest so I’m not killing myself at three jobs a day with very little sleep.’”