It’s Getting Hot in Here––Hopefully RGGI Will Help Us Cool Down

I’m a gardener and I love harvesting my veggies to make fresh, wholesome meals. I can now expect to do this well into winter these days, but it’s all for a very ominous reason––climate change. It kind of freaks me out that it doesn’t get cold enough anymore to kill my greens and I can look forward to a 12-month growing season in central Virginia.  The worst part? We only have ourselves to blame for this global crisis.


RGGI Will Hold Polluters Accountable

We can’t keep denying that the climate crisis is a real thing and will worsen the lives for future generations if we don’t take serious action NOW. Virginia is starting to take the climate crisis seriously by finally joining an initiative to reduce carbon pollution. Starting July 1, the Commonwealth will be part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a cooperative agreement between nine states from Maine to Maryland to limit polluting greenhouse gas emissions. By joining, Virginia can force polluting utilities to pay for their pollution and use those payments to invest in new green sources of energy and reduce overall energy consumption.

Add this to the “Virginia’s first in the South to do this” list. We made an impact in 2019 by electing a progressive majority to the General Assembly that promised to take action on the climate crisis. We overcame polluting special interests and their political allies that refused to take bold action to tackle climate change.  


Let’s Keep Electing Leaders Who Will Take On Climate Change

There is far more work to do to radically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and begin to tackle the serious looming catastrophe of climate change. We need you to keep at it by voting during this November’s election. Pledge to head to the polls on November 3 today

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