Join Us for Crossover Bingo!

Y’all, it’s time to celebrate! For the first time in decades, we’ve made it to Crossover, the official midway point of the legislative session, without a conservative majority killing our progressive legislation! Instead, many of our priority bills are still alive and kicking! 

We’ve got a long list of bills to track, and what better (or more fun) way to do that than with a game of Bingo? Because of you, bills that will help our families and communities to thrive are on their way to becoming law. You joined us in the fight, now join us in the celebration! 

Want to know how to play? 

Each card has 24 different progressive bills. Whenever one goes through final passage (ie: passes through its final chamber to head to the Governor’s desk) we’ll announce it on Twitter using the hashtag #CrossoverBingo. Then, you mark it off on your card. If you get five bills in a row (vertical, horizontal or diagonal), you get Bingo—and the whole Commonwealth wins!  

After years of conservative control of Virginia, we re proud of the work we did to right the ship and ensure we’re on a path to a commonwealth that works for everyone! 

If you get Bingo, don’t forget to share it with us using #CrossoverBingo. If you’re lucky, you could see your card featured on our social media!  

If you’re wondering about all of the groundbreaking legislation we’ve put on the cards, read on below! 

Voting Rights – Legislation to make Election Day a holiday, to create redistricting criteria that protect communities of color, to repeal the photo ID law, to establish same-day voter registration, to create no-excuse absentee voting, and to automatically register eligible voters are all advancing through to the opposite chamber. Check out the bills we are watching:

HB1 – No excuse absentee voting
HB19 – Repeal Photo-ID Requirement
HB108 – Election Day as a State Holiday      
HB201 – Same-Day Voter Registration
HB235 – Automatic Voter Registration
HB761 – Election Preclearance 
HB1255 – Fair Redistricting Criteria 

SB65 – Repeal Photo-ID Requirement
SB219 – Automatic Voter Registration 
SB601– Election Day as a State Holiday
SB717 – Fair Redistricting Criteria     

Criminal Justice Reform – Bills to increase the larceny threshold, to study and collect data on the cash bail system, and to end the practice of driver’s license suspensions for those who cannot immediately pay their fines are all moving ahead. Here are the bills we are celebrating:

HB922 – Pretrial Data Collection Standards
HB995 – Raising the Felony Threshold for Larceny
HB1196 – Repeal Automatic Driver’s License Suspensions

SB1 – Repeal Automatic Driver’s License Suspensions 
SB723 – Pretrial Data Collection Standards
SB788 – Raising the Felony Threshold for Larceny 

Environmental Justice – This session we are advancing bills that will make permanent the Virginia Council on Environmental Justice and hold the state accountable for prioritizing environmental justice in Virginia. These bills are on our radar:

HB704 – Environmental Justice Act
HB1042 – Establishes Environmental Justice Council 

SB406 – Environmental Justice Act
SB883 – Establishes Environmental Justice Council 

Immigrant Rights – Both the House and the Senate have passed bills to make in-state tuition available to immigrants and to expand access to driving privileges. These bills will get it done:

HB1211 – Driver’s Licenses for All
HB1547 – In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students 

SB34 – Driving Access for All
SB935 – In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students 

Protecting Student Borrowers – The Borrowers’ Bill of Rights to protect student loan borrowers from predatory loan servicers is chugging along! Here are the bills to make this happen:

HB10 – Borrower’s Bill of Rights 

SB77 – Borrower’s Bill of Rights 

LGBTQ+ Rights – The Virginia Values Act would ban discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. The legislature is also moving towards banning conversion therapy. Check out the bills we need to pass:

HB386 – Conversion Therapy Ban
HB1663 – Virginia Values Act 

SB245 – Conversion Therapy Ban
SB868 – Virginia Values Act 

Gun Violence Prevention – Red flag laws! Universal background checks! Reinstating one gun a month! These bills will make our Commonwealth safe:

HB2 – Universal Background Checks
HB674 – Red Flag Laws

SB70 – Universal Background Checks
SB240 – Red Flag Laws

Abortion Access – The Reproductive Health Protection Act will expand access to abortion by repealing sham restrictions on abortion providers, eliminating the mandatory ultrasound and waiting period, and providing nurse practitioners the ability to administer first trimester abortions. Here’s our to-do list for reproductive rights:

HB687 – State Certified Doulas 
HB827 – Ban Pregnancy Discrimination 
HB980 – Reproductive Health Protection Act

SB712 – Ban Pregnancy Discrimination 
SB733 – Reproductive Health Protection Act

Economic Justice & Workers Rights – Increasing the minimum wage in Virginia to $15 per hour is moving towards the finish line and the House has passed a bill to make Virginia the 48th state to allow public employees to collectively bargain. Workers will rejoice when these bills become law:

HB395 – Increasing the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour 
HB582 – Collective Bargaining for Public Employees 

SB7 – Increasing the Minimum Wage 

Racial Justice – Bills that will allow localities to decide whether to remove Confederate monuments will be headed to the opposite chamber. Passing these two bills will be historic for Virginia:

HB1537 – Removing Confederate Monuments 

SB183 – Removing Confederate Monuments