NEW WEBSITE: Ed Gillespie’s 115+ Day Silence on Trumpcare

Over 500,000 Virginians could lose coverage under the GOP plans but Gillespie can’t say if or how he’ll support our families

As Republicans in the U.S. Senate scramble to find the votes for Trumpcare, in Virginia Ed Gillespie’s silence on the issue is quickly becoming disqualifying. The House and Senate bills would pay for tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy by stripping over 500,000 people in Virginia of affordable health care coverage. For over 100 days now, Ed Gillespie has refused to answer questions regarding his position on the Trumpcare proposals.

Today, Progress Virginia launched a new website tracking Ed Gillespie’s silence on threats to our families’ health security. The site,, features a live ticker tracking how long Ed Gillespie has been dodging taking a position on Trumpcare.

“Our families and communities face real threats from the Trumpcare proposals,” said Progress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl. “Over half a million of our friends and neighbors would no longer have essential health care coverage and millions more would face higher costs and barriers to covering preexisting conditions. Ed Gillespie is asking us to trust him to lead this state but over 100 days later, he still can’t tell us where he stands on health care. That’s not leadership—it’s just politics as usual.”

Gillespie has been silent on Trumpcare since the first House proposal was released on March 6th—115 days and counting. While Gillespie has consistently refused to take a position on the underlying Trumpcare proposal,he did state his willingness to pursue waivers that would further raise costs for the over 1 million Virginians with preexisting conditions.