No Daylight Between Cox and Chase on Marriage Equality

Richmond, Virginia— Delegate Kirk Cox and Senator Amanda Chase are out of touch with regular Virginians on just about everything. The majority of Virginians support progressive policies like marriage equality, but both Chase and Cox voted against HJ582 and SJ270. HJ582 and SJ270 are the constitutional amendments to repeal the same-sex marriage ban and instead insert language affirming the right of everyone, regardless of gender identity, to marry and be treated equally. The measures passed with bipartisan support, including11 Republicans. 

“By voting against the marriage equality constitutional amendments, Kirk Cox and Amanda Chase have shown they don’t believe all of us deserve equal rights. Not only has Virginia’s marriage discrimination amendment been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, it’s bigoted and wrong. It’s past time for us to remove it from the Virginia constitution and recognize that love is love,” Anna Scholl, executive director of Progress Virginia, said. “In the competition to demonstrate who is the most extreme and out of touch, Cox and Chase are neck and neck. This vote against marriage equality is just the latest example.” 


  • HJ582 and SJ270 passed with bipartisan support. HJ582 passed by a margin of 60-33 and SJ270 passed by a margin of 24-12
    • Both Delegate Kirk Cox and Senator Amanda Chase, Republican candidates for Governor, voted against HJ582 and SJ270, respectively.
  • According to a recent poll, 70% of Americans, and even 50% of Republicans support same-sex marriage. Senator Chase and Delegate Cox are out of touch.