Freedom to Vote in Virginia, No excuse required

Tuesdays, amiright? Alarms, commute, school drop off, school pick up, dinner, bath time, bed time. And it’s not even the middle of the week. Add to that list getting out of the house or leaving work a little early to get to your polling location to vote? Look, voting is IMPORTANT and our civic duty and all that, but it’s not super convenient. 

What would be super convenient is the ability to vote early without having a specific excuse, like pregnancy or working in a different locality for long hours on Election Day. If our democracy works best when everyone participates, then maybe we should make it a little easier to participate?

Well, aren’t you in luck! Starting July 1st, voting will be simpler and more accessible for everyone. Thanks to the work of progressive legislators and advocates, now you don’t need an excuse to vote an absentee ballot in Virginia. That’s great, considering we’re all going to be participating in an incredibly important election this November in the midst of a pandemic. Even better, you’ll have more time to cast your ballot, too. Starting with this fall’s election, Virginians now have a 45 day absentee voting period. That means within 45 days of the election you can vote in person at your local registrar’s office or request to have a ballot sent to your house and vote without getting out of your PJ’s.  

Have to be out of town for work on Election Day? Vote absentee! Have a busy day of work and kids’ after-school activities? Vote absentee! Concerned traffic on your commute will prevent you from getting to your polling location before it closes at 7pm? Vote absentee! Just feel like getting it done early because you’re a planner who is on top of your game? VOTE ABSENTEE! 

It’s not anyone’s business why you want to vote early. What matters is that you vote. So, celebrate our fantastic new voting laws by pledging to vote this November 3 (and every one after, if you please.) Our democracy works best when every voice is heard. So use yours now so we can all use ours later!