Why Won’t No-Show Makee Meet Voters?

This is part of a series of posts on Mike Makee, who is running for election in District 2. Read the other posts in this series:

Not much is known about Mike Makee, the Republican candidate for the 2nd District House of Delegates race. He entered the race late after the first Republican nominee, Laquan Austion, dropped out in August. You’d think that he would jump on the chance to speak with his prospective constituents during the nonpartisan Prince William Candidate Forum held on Oct. 6 in Woodbridge.

Lol. Not so much.

Makee was a no-show at the candidate forum, which featured every candidate from the 31st and 51st district races plus Jennifer Carroll Foy, Makee’s Democratic opponent for the 2nd District.

Makee was the only candidate who chose not to participate.

Where's Mike Makee?Photo from Inside Nova

If you are running for public office, it would seem to me that connecting with voters is a pretty big priority. Apparently Mike Makee didn’t think so because, instead of engaging with voters at the forum, Makee decided to attend his college reunion. How nice.

Maybe the allure of reliving his days playing beer pong with his college buddies was too tempting for Makee. At least candidate Carroll Foy chose to represent the 2nd District at the forum. According to a press release from the Carroll Foy campaign, Makee also turned down an invitation to participate in a candidate forum hosted by the Stafford County NAACP  for the 2nd District on Oct. 10.

So, we’ll continue to ponder the question: Who Is Mike Makee? What are his plans for the 2nd District? Will he ever debate–or even meet–his opponent? Will he ever give residents of the 2nd District a good reason to vote for him?

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