NOVA Pride Reminds Virginia of Lingamfelter’s Anti-LGBTQ Record

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter Opposes Rights for Commonwealth’s LGBTQ Residents

As the region embraces diversity this weekend by celebrating NOVA Pride, Progress Virginia is spotlighting one of the state’s leading opponents of equality, Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R-31). Even though Virginia has made headway in advancing LGBTQ rights, Del. Lingamfelter has proven how out of touch he is with Virginia families by voting repeatedly for legislation that discriminates against LGBTQ Virginians during his 16 years in office.   

One of his most unjust votes was his support for the Virginia Marriage Amendment in 2006, an amendment to the Constitution of Virginia that prohibited marriage equality.  Lingamfelter is up for re-election this November. If he returns to office, he should take the marriage amendment off the books since the amendment was ruled unconstitutional in the 2014 Bostic vs. Schaefer decision.

“Instead of using his position of power to promote inclusion and diversity in our state, Del. Lingamfelter wants to turn back the clock on all the gains we’ve made in Virginia that honor LGBTQ residents,” said Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia. “Our state needs leaders who respect all Virginians.”

Lingamfelter has regularly supported legislation that actively promotes intolerance. During the 2017 General Assembly session, Lingamfelter voted for HB 2025, a bill that would have allowed agencies and service providers funded by state taxpayers to discriminate against LGBTQ Virginians.  Lingamfelter voted for legislation in 2016 to allow state officials to refuse to marry LGBTQ individuals. In 2012, Lingamfelter voted for HB 189, a bill that would have allowed adoption agencies to decline services for LGBTQ couples.

This November 7, voters will choose between Lingamfelter and his challenger, Elizabeth Guzman, to represent House of Delegates District 31.