Ahead of Turpin and Kiggans Debate, Voters Concerned About Abortion Access, Gun Violence Prevention and Rising Sea Levels

Ahead of Turpin and Kiggans Debate, Voters Concerned About Abortion Access, Gun Violence Prevention and Rising Sea Levels

Virginia Beach, Virginia—Between the aftermath of the Virginia Beach shooting and sea level rise surpassing 12 inches, voters in Senate District 7 are ready for real action on the issues that impact them and their families. Democratic Delegate Cheryl Turpin and Republican Jen Kiggans will debate tonight to lay out their visions for what they would do if elected.  

According to a recent poll, 53% of voters would support Democrats taking over the legislature, compared to 37% who want Republican control. This can also be seen in the grassroots support that was reflected in the campaign finance reports that came out last week. Cheryl Turpin raised $26,043 from 1,316 small-dollar donors but Jen Kiggans only raised $4015 from 77 donors. It’s clear that voters are fired up and giving what they can to the candidate that shares their values and gets them excited to get involved.. 

“People who live in our communities are looking for candidates who will represent them and their values in Richmond. They want someone who will vote to ensure that their families have the opportunity to thrive and succeed,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia said. “People in our community are looking for someone who will take meaningful action to prevent gun violence, protect abortion access, and tackle sea level rise. Jen Kiggans won’t even publicly state her position on some of these issues, and voters know she isn’t the right fit for them.”


  • Jen Kiggans is lying to someone about her position on gun violence prevention. 
    • At the last debate, Kiggans said that she has no stance on gun rights. But she got a very pro gun rating from the radically pro-gun Virginia Citizens Defense League. She’s either lying to them or to the voters. Who is it? 
    • Earlier this year, Republicans voted to adjourn Gun Violence Prevention Special Session after just 90 minutes without voting on a single bill to address the issue. If Jen Kiggans is elected, she will fall in line and do the same thing. 
  • Jen Kiggans will not protect access to abortion. She will join Republicans in introducing and chipping away at abortion access until it exists in name only in Virginia. 
  • Sea level rise and climate change are threatening coastal communities. Kiggans doesn’t have a real plan to address this crisis. Voters want a candidate who will commit to passing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to protect our communities from climate change and who will address flooding in a meaningful way. 
    • In Norfolk, 4,132 properties at risk of flooding. 5,624 will be at risk within 15 years.
    • In Virginia Beach there are 6,208 properties at risk of flooding, which will become 8,096.