Members of Senate Subcommittee Pass Right To Vote Amendment 

Richmond, Virginia—Returning citizens and their families are excited to see that Democratic members of the Senate Privileges and Elections Subcommittee #1 passed Senator Mamie Locke’s SJ223, which would grant all returning citizens the right to vote after completion of their sentence. This is the first step towards restoring civil rights for people who have been incarcerated. 

“Voting is a fundamental right, and we’re thrilled that members of the Senate Privileges and Elections Subcommittee #1 voted to pass SJ223. People make mistakes, and no one who has served their time should be left without a voice in our community for their rest of their lives,” LaTwyla Mathias, Executive Director of Progress Virignia, said. “Everyone in our community should be able to participate in our elections and have a say in who represents them. We will keep working so this resolution will continue to pass through the legislative process, and we hope to see it on the ballot for the voters to decide in a few years.”