Republicans Left Bills Without Hearings Because They Don’t Want Constituents To Know Where They Stand 

Richmond, Virginia—Now that Crossover has passed, it’s time to talk about all the bills Republicans in the House of Delegates didn’t even bother to consider. These bills were brought by members of their own party that they failed to docket because they don’t want there to be a voting record for some of these issues. In a competitive election year, Republicans are worried that if voters knew how they really feel about everything from guns, abortion, and funding public schools, they would lose elections. 

“Republicans don’t want a voting record on issues like abortion, guns, public school funding and more because they are scared if voters knew how they really felt about the issues, they’d lose their elections,” LaTwyla Mathias, Executive Director of Progress Virginia, said. “Republicans are right to be scared. Virginians want elected officials in Richmond to stand up for their values. They want to know that the people they elect will vote on measures that would protect their families from gun violence. They want fully funded public schools, teachers to earn the high wages they deserve, and kids to have access to high-quality, accurate education. They want to choose for themselves how and when to become parents. Voters want leaders who will stand up for our communities and ensure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to thrive. They know that Republicans aren’t it.” 

“Maga Republicans in the House know their extreme views are out of step with Virginia voters. They are so afraid of having to vote on the radical bills they introduced, the Speaker hid them in his desk drawer, refusing to refer them to committee for a vote. Virginia voters should have the opportunity to choose representatives whose philosophy and values best represent them – we show this through our actions, our votes. Virginians deserve legislative leaders who believe in this core principle of democracy,” said Delegate Marcus B. Simon.


Some of the bills that did not receive a hearing during this legislative session include, but are certainly not limited to: 

HB2421, sponsored by Republican Delegate John McGuire, which would allow people to carry guns and other weapons at schools and daycare centers. 

HB2320, sponsored by Republican Delegate Ellen Campbell, which would allow people to carry weapons into places of worship. 

HB1371, sponsored by Republican Delegate Phillip Scott, which would defund public schools in favor of private savings accounts. 

HB1395, sponsored by Republican Delegate Marie March, which would completely eliminate abortion access in the Commonwealth.