Progress Virginia Applauds Conviction of George Floyd’s Murderer, But Justice Requires Change

A jury has convicted Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who murdered George Floyd last year on all charges. While this is an important step in getting justice for Floyd, our country has a long way to go before we will achieve justice for everyone who has been subject to racist violence by law enforcement. 

“We thank the jurors for recognizing Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd. However, accountability for the murder of Mr. Floyd does not correct the centuries of racist attacks Black people in our country have endured,” Ashleigh Crocker, Communications Director at Progress Virginia, said. “Justice would be if George Floyd were home tonight with his daughter. Justice is reimagining public safety to empower and resource social workers, mental health experts, and others to handle situations with people in crises rather than punitive policing. Justice is everyone in our communities, particularly Black, Indigenous, and people of color, feeling safe and accessing the same opportunities as white communities. ”

“Here in Virginia, we must take action now to ban qualified immunity that allows police officers to avoid accountability when they assault or kill people. This conviction recognizes the truth in this one case, but we will keep fighting until we get to justice for everyone.”