Progress Virginia Endorses Slate of Progressive Candidates

Progress Virginia is proud to announce the endorsement of 13 candidates running for General Assembly this year. This slate of diverse candidates presents a historic opportunity to expand the voices for progressive values in the Virginia General Assembly and enact policy to drastically improve people’s lives. 

“We’re thrilled to endorse these fantastic candidates across the commonwealth. We know that as members of the General Assembly, they will work on behalf of all Virginians, regardless of income level, skin color, or zip code,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia said. “Their election to the General Assembly represents a more progressive future where every family in Virginia has the opportunity to work hard, raise their family with dignity, and thrive in our communities. We look forward to working with them to get Virginians to the polls this November and advance important policy priorities in January.”  

An endorsement from Progress Virginia comes with a five-figure digital ad buy and communications and messaging support for candidates. Progress Virginia is the communications hub for the progressive community in Virginia. To be considered for endorsement, candidates had to prove their commitment to progressive values including health care access, reproductive health, immigration reform, criminal justice reform, economic opportunity, voting rights, and racial justice. By electing candidates who are committed to these values, we will take steps towards a Virginia that works for all of us, no exceptions.  

Endorsed Candidates: 

Delegate Kelly Convirs-Fowler (House District 21) 

Dan Helmer (House District 40) 

Delegate Hala Ayala (House District 51) 

Sheila Bynum-Coleman (House District 66) 

Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg (House District 72) 

Rodney Willett (House District 73) 

Clint Jenkins (House District 76) 

Alex Askew (House District 85)

Phil Hernandez (House District 100)  

Delegate Cheryl Turpin (Senate District 7) 

Ghazala Hashmi (Senate District 10) 

Delegate Deborah Rodman (Senate District 12) 

Delegate John Bell (Senate District 13)