Progress Virginia Outraged Over Congressional Vote to Kick Virginians Off Insurance

6 Virginia Congress members voted to cut taxes on millionaires while putting affordable health coverage out of reach for millions of Americans

Washington, DC–The American Health Care Act, the Republican replacement of the Affordable Care Act, passed the House of Representatives moments ago and will move on to the Senate for a vote. Virginia Congressmen Dave Brat, Tom Garrett, Morgan Griffith, Scott Taylor, Bob Goodlatte, and Rob Wittman all voted to pass the bill that could leave 24 million Americans uninsured.

“Trumpcare is quite simply an attack on our families and communities. Our representatives should be working to expand access to quality, affordable health care, not cutting taxes for the ultra-rich while kicking millions of people off their health insurance,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia, said. “It’s simply outrageous any Virginia Congressman would vote for a bill that treats rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, or pregnancy as a pre-existing condition. Unfortunately for Virginians, that’s exactly what they’ve done. When Virginians are unable to see a doctor when they get sick or are brutally attacked, we’ll know exactly who to blame.”

Republicans in Congress altered the rules and passed the bill so quickly that the Congressional Budget Office was unable to score the bill. A previous version of the bill was estimated to cause 24 million Americans to lose health insurance coverage over the next 10 years.