RELEASE: New Polling Demonstrates Broad Support for Medicaid Expansion

March 4, 2014

New polling numbers in five House of Delegates districts indicate broad support for proposals to close the coverage gap for 400,000 Virginians. In districts across the Commonwealth, including areas where Medicaid impacts a high percentage of the population, the poll found majority support for the measure. Additionally, individuals strongly support their elected representative working towards a budget compromise that includes accepting federal funds to close the coverage gap.

In every district, the polls found double-digit margins in support of closing the coverage gap. District 79 demonstrated the strongest support at +51%. The narrowest margin of the districts polled was District 97 at +12%.

House District 9 (Parts of Franklin, Henry, and Patrick Counties) Support Oppose
Current Medicaid Population 23%
Medicaid Expansion 56% 30%
Budget Compromise 52% 33%
House District 14 (City of Danville and parts of Henry and Pittsylvania Counties) Support Oppose
Current Medicaid Population 30%
Medicaid Expansion 55% 31%
Budget Compromise 53% 31%
House District 31 (Parts of Fauquier and Prince William Counties) Support Oppose
Current Medicaid Population 10%
Medicaid Expansion 56% 35%
Budget Compromise 53% 35%
House District 79 (Parts of Norfolk and Portsmouth) Support Oppose
% Population Impacted by Medicaid 12%
Support for Medicaid Expansion 71% 20%
Support for budget compromise 64% 22%
House District 97 (New Kent County and parts of Hanover and King William Counties) Support Oppose
% Population Impacted by Medicaid 9%
Medicaid Expansion 51% 39%
Budget Compromise 47% 40%

“Clearly, Virginians across the Commonwealth and from different walks of life agree that closing the coverage gap is the right decision,” said Anna Scholl, executive director of ProgressVA Education Fund. “Hundreds of thousands of Virginians are waiting for a decision from the General Assembly on whether they’ll qualify for access to affordable, quality health care. Virginians clearly want their representatives to come together and work out a compromise that will expand health security now.”

The polls were conducted February 26th-28th by Public Policy Polling on behalf of the Virginia Civic Engagement Table. Polling was conducted in the following districts:

  • HD9: 791 registered voters, 3.5% margin of error
  • HD14: 640 registered voters, 3.9% margin of error
  • HD31: 503 registered voters, 4.4% margin of error
  • HD79: 402 registered voters, 4.9% margin of error
  • HD97: 509 registered voters, 4.3% margin of error

Full top lines are available online at Virginia Medicaid Expansion Survey Results.