Removing the Lee Monument Reminds All Virginians, All Are Welcome

The United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the statue of Robert E. Lee can finally be removed.  This monument was one of the largest and most painful shrines dedicated to preserving the abominable principles of inequality, bigotry, and racism in the South. We’re thrilled that we can finally say farewell to the Lee Monument.

While removing this marker of injustice and reminder of immeasurable wrongdoing presents a huge step towards dismantling white supremacy and creating a more just and equitable community, we still have many more systems and institutions here in Virginia that are purposefully designed to ensure that the only people who can get ahead are white. 

This show of solidarity with the Black community in removing Confederate monuments from our public spaces demonstrates commitment to creating a more equitable Virginia.

“We’re thrilled that the United States Supreme Court has ruled in our favor and will allow us to begin the process of removing this monument to white supremacy. This 60-foot tall shrine to racist and discriminatory ideologies presented a daily reminder to all community members of exactly who is welcome in this city and who is not,” Vanessa Clinton, Press Secretary at Progress Virginia, said. “While we’re excited that this statue will come down, removing it is just removing the tip of the iceberg, and we have much more work to do. Until we address affordable housing, the school-to-prison pipeline, real criminal justice reform, economic justice, and countless other issues, we will not be finished with our anti-racist work. We will keep working until we can celebrate many more victories in the future, and every Black person in our community has the same opportunities, access, and stability as everyone else.”


Grassroots activists have worked for years to encourage those with the power to do so, like Governor Ralph Northam, to remove the Confederate monuments.