Republicans Prove They Are Out of Touch With Virginia Families By Nominating Glenn Youngkin

Republicans Prove They Are Out of Touch With Virginia Families By Nominating Glenn Youngkin 

Richmond, Virginia—As Virginia Republicans chose Glenn Youngkin to be their nominee in the race for Governor, it’s clearer than ever that Republicans are out of touch with members of our community.  Youngkin is anti-gun violence prevention, anti-abortion access, and anti-working families. This far-right agenda proves how out of touch the Republican Party is with Virginia families.

“People in the Commonwealth deserve leaders who will listen to their needs and stand up for them in Richmond. They don’t want candidates who are bought and paid for by huge corporations and their executives like Glenn Youngkin,” Ashleigh Crocker, Communications Director at Progress Virginia, said. “We need a Governor who will work to ensure that everyone has access to paid family and medical leave and a $15 an hour minimum wage. We need someone who will ban qualified immunity so cops can’t literally get away with murder and our Black and Brown neighbors can walk down the street without fear of being killed. We need a Governor who will ensure Virginia is a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. All Glen Youngkin will do is look out for himself and other white good ole boys like him.”


The Democratic Primary will take place on Tuesday, June 8th. 

All of the Democrats running in the primary agree on these policies that will help Virginia families:

  • Investing in education and job training
  • Expanding rural broadband access
  • Increasing the minimum wage

Youngkin supports policies that limit:

  • Voting rights and would restore voter identification laws that prevent some people from casting their votes 
  • Health care access and stated Medicaid Expansion was a “sad thing” when it allowed hundreds of thousands of Virginians to get health insurance