Republicans Would Rather Spend Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Than Ensure Hardworking Families Have Access to Medicaid Expansion

Richmond, Virginia—Inexplicably, Republicans would rather spend millions of taxpayer dollars and create extra layers of bureaucratic red tape to implement punitive work requirements for Medicaid Expansion instead of working to make it easier and more affordable for people in our community to see a doctor when they get sick. 

“Affordable, quality health care should be available to everyone, regardless of race, income level, or zip code. But instead of making affordable health care access a reality for everyone, Republicans like Delegate Kirk Cox and Delegate Todd Gilbert would rather spend millions of dollars to kick sick people off of their insurance just when they need it the most,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia, said. “In order to work, you have to be healthy, so work requirements for Medicaid expansion make no sense at all. We’re thrilled that Democrats are taking steps to halt the implementation of punitive work requirements to qualify for Medicaid Expansion, and we hope that it means even more people will be able to benefit from the program.”


  • 342,000 Virginians have been able to sign up for health insurance coverage through Medicaid expansion. 
  • Medicaid work requirements will lead to 74,000 people losing their health insurance coverage. 
  • It will cost Virginia taxpayers $25.5 million to implement work requirements.