Senator Wexton is Our Hero

Hero or Zero?
February 9th

Welcome to Progress Virginia’s Hero or Zero, a weekly, unapologetically progressive take on this week’s heroes and zeros in Virginia politics. Check out this space every Friday, and Tweet us or post to our Facebook to nominate your own heroes and zeros.

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Hero: Delegate Jennifer Wexton & Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one powerful woman to admire. So we didn’t.

This week, Delegate Jennifer Wexton battled the patriarchy when a number of (male) Senators on the Finance Committee voted in support of an equal pay bill—then changed their minds and voted against the same bill when Wexton left the room.

These votes tell us that this is what needs to happen next:

While all this was happening in Richmond, up the road in DC, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was holding the floor for eight hours, giving an impassioned speech in support of DREAMers. #GoNancyGo.

Zero: House Majority Leader Kirk Cox

A bill to provide paid family leave for state employees was voted down, despite a commitment in December from House Majority Leader Kirk Cox to support paid family leave for state employees.

Anyone who works hard should be able to raise and care for a family with dignity. But the four men who voted down this bill (and who receive benefits from the state) don’t seem to agree.