Shannon Kane Sends Racist Mailer In Desperate Attempt to Fear Monger Before Election

Virginia Beach, Virginia—Shannon Kane’s desperation is showing. She has sent a blatantly racist mailer to voters in the 21st district in a last-minute attempt to fear monger before election day and scare voters into voting for her. This kind of racism is unacceptable and certainly won’t help Kane win the election. 

“These kinds of racist attacks are straight out of the Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie playbook. Virginians rejected racism in 2016 and 2017 and we will again in 2019,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia, said. “Everyone in our community, including immigrants and undocumented people, deserve to live with dignity and thrive in our neighborhoods. We won’t stand for politicians who try to divide and distract us, pointing fingers at people of color to distract from their own failed record. Equating immigrants with criminals is a racist dog whistle, and it’s unacceptable..”

“Republicans in Virginia are taking a hard right, xenophobic turn by focusing hatred on the Latinx community in Virginia,” Maya Castillo, Political Director of New Virginia Majority, said. “It’s disgusting and bizarre to bring back losing racist strategies from 2017 to today’s elections.” 


A copy of the mailer is below. It was paid for by the Republican Party of Virginia and authorized by Shannon Kane’s campaign.