State Senate Leaves Town (AGAIN) Without Doing Actual Work

Tommy Norment Wasting Virginians Time And Money

Richmond, VA–Two months after adjourning Sine Die without a budget or approval for Medicaid Expansion and 4 weeks after the House of Delegates acted in special session to pass both, the state Senate returned to Richmond for two days this week to do…nothing. In a floor session and two days of Senate Finance Committee meetings, Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment and his cadre of obstructionists failed to vote on a single amendment or the state budget. The only thing they appear to have accomplished is collecting two days of per diem for the basic task of showing up.

“The state Senate had one job when they turned up to work this week: pass a budget to expand healthcare to 400,000 Virginians,” saidProgress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl. “Instead Tommy Norment wasted everyone’s time with yet another sideshow while Virginians in the coverage gap continue to face tough decisions about which bills to leave unpaid so they can afford basic healthcare. Our message to Tommy Norment and his obstructionist colleagues is simple: get your rear ends back to Richmond and keep them there until you DO. YOUR. JOBS.”