The Hits Just Keep On Coming (Yes, This is About Governor Glenn)

Anyone who has ever had to care for young children knows a tantrum when they see one. It’s to be expected with kids. They’re still learning how to manage their emotions, how to cope when they don’t get their way. The hope is that eventually they learn the skills they need to grow out of it. 

But sometimes they don’t. And sometimes they get elected as the 74th Governor of Virginia.

As we all saw with his vanity veto power hour (say that 3x fast lol), Governor Youngkin does NOT understand the assignment. Just in case he forgot, for a bill to land on the governor’s desk both chambers need to pass it. Right now Virginia has a majority Democrat Senate and a majority Republican House. That means that the chamber where his party has the lead voted in favor of every single Democrat-sponsored bill that went to his desk. 

At the beginning of session, I was grinding my teeth over all the bad bills Republicans wanted to pass. Now, it’s because the businessman in the governor’s mansion is feeling petty about good policy. Here’s a breakdown of some of his brazen and bitter actions (aka his vetoes and amendments):

Bottom line is Governor Youngkin is playing bipartisan politics while people in the Commonwealth are struggling. It was only a few weeks ago that the governor interrupted our television sets with his skill of being able to hold a basketball–again–and gloated about how he was calling lawmakers back to Richmond to deliver a budget. Cost of sending legislators to Richmond, knowing negotiations were not read and a budget would not be delivered? $50,000. Cost of the ad? $150,000. His ad talks about helping all Virginians. But if we look at his recent actions as any indicator, he’s not actually interested in helping all Virginians. And while he might think he belongs on the court, others prefer to see him in court

Before becoming a public servant, the governor was a businessman, and he hasn’t really stopped trying to sell Virginians on things. Remember that gas tax holiday? You know, the one that wasn’t guaranteed to actually help anyone, except corporations. If he really wanted to help all the people of the Commonwealth he would:

His vetoes are not his victory. There’s a way around this. If two-thirds of the General Assembly vote in favor, his curse will be reveresed! Urge our lawmakers to do what the governor won’t–to care for the people of the Commonwealth. Contact them now, and tell them that when they come back to Richmond they need to fight for us. That means passing a budget that truly helps ALL of the people of the Commonwealth.

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