There’s Still Time To Demand Healthcare for Virginia

Friday, March 23 was the Affordable Care Act’s 8th birthday, and we spent the day celebrating the gains we have made and demanding that anti-healthcare legislators like Rep. Scott Taylor (R—VA-02) stop blocking our access to life-saving healthcare.

Conservatives like Taylor have spent the last eight years trying their best to repeal the popular healthcare law despite the fact that it allows parents to keep their kids on insurance plans until they turn 26, ensures that being a woman with the ability to get pregnant is no longer classified as a pre-existing condition, and removes lifetime caps on healthcare spending so that people with serious illnesses or catastrophic accidents don’t get kicked off their plans because their medical care is too expensive.

Medicaid Expansion is in the Senate’s Hands

But while we were celebrating the ACA, we were also demanding that our State Senators Bill DeSteph and Frank Wagner finally agree to expand Medicaid and allow the Commonwealth to both reap the huge cost savings and also allow 400,000 Virginians to finally get health insurance coverage and not be forced to choose between seeing a doctor and putting food on the table.

Call Senators Wagner and DeSteph today.

Call State Senators Wagner and DeSteph to Demand Their Support on Medicaid Expansion for 400,000 Virginians.

On April 11, Senators Wagner and DeSteph will vote on our state budget and decide whether or not that budget will fund Medicaid expansion. Our time is running out! Call Senators Wagner and DeSteph today and demand that they support Medicaid Expansion so that everyone can get the healthcare they need when they need it.