Trump Endorsement of Republican Nominee for Governor Glenn Youngkin is Further Proof They Are Out of Touch With Virginia Families

Richmond, Virginia—In yet another move that shows how out of touch Republicans are with people in our community, the Republican nominee for Governor is touting an endorsement from former president Donald Trump. Instead of addressing the actual needs of people in Virginia, Trump praised Youngkin for his anti-gun violence prevention, anti-abortion access, and anti-working family stances.

“Donald Trump lost Virginia by 10 points, so all this endorsement shows is that Glenn Youngkin is wrong for Virginia. People in Virginia deserve more than a candidate who supports Trump’s dangerous election conspiracy theories and buys his party’s nomination,”  Ashleigh Crocker, Communications Director at Progress Virginia, said. “We need a Governor who will fight for opportunities for everyone in Virginia. We need a livable minimum wage, affordable health care access, a ban on qualified immunity and significant police reform, investments in education and job training, and paid family and medical leave. Youngkin’s complete allegiance to Trump and the dangerous right-wing fringe make it clear that he will always put himself and his wealthy friends ahead of the rest of us.”


Donald Trump lost Virginia by 10 points in 2020. 

Glenn Youngkin doesn’t share our values. Instead he:

promotes dangerous conspiracy theories in an attempt to deliberately disenfranchise Black and Brown voters with his “Election Integrity Protection Task Force