This is What White Privilege and Systemic Racism Look Like.


Tuesday, Virginia Delegate Rick Morris of Suffolk was arrested on one felony and two misdemeanor charges for allegedly assaulting family members. He posted a $1500 bond and was released. Thursday, Morris was arrested again on more charges stemming from a 2016 alleged assault on family members. The charges include six felonies and five misdemeanors. Morris was again released after posting another $1500 bail. To sum up, a 47-year old white, male, elected official was arrested twice, charged with seven violent felonies and seven violent misdemeanors. Each time he was released within hours for a total of $3,000 in bail.

Del. Rick Morris

A year and a half ago, 24-year old Jamycheal Mitchell was arrested in Portsmouth for stealing $5.05 of snacks from a convenience store. He was a young black man. He died on August 19th, still in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail. He lived with a mental illness. When he died, he had been in jail for four months, waiting to be transferred to a mental hospital for treatment.

Terrence Crutcher’s arms were up. Eric Garner couldn’t breathe. Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie. Philando Castile was driving. Alton Sterling was selling CDs. Tamir Rice was 12.

Rick Morris was charged with 14 violent crimes. He went home.


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