‘Voters Decided’ Car Rally Celebrates the Power of the People; As Every Vote is Counted, Voters’ Mandate for Progress is Clear

Richmond, VA— Virginians gathered today for a car rally to celebrate our achievement: we turned out in record numbers and the will of the voters prevailed. Despite the pandemic and deliberate barriers, voters made their voices heard loud and clear. The Voters Decided: Day of Celebration included voters, essential workers, and civil rights advocates who shared words and music at a car rally followed by parade.

“This event was about reinvesting in ourselves and our communities,” said Aurora Higgs, a queer visionary of color and one of the speakers. “As a black trans femme, I show my love for the people who have shown up and helped secure rights for me and my community. No matter what happens, we still need to fight. Once 2021 starts, there will be a whole new charge for keeping our government accountable, but for today we carved out time to be together and heal.”

“Voters in Virginia and across the country turned out in record numbers to make our voices heard and demand progress for our communities,” said Anna Scholl, executive director, Progress Virginia. “Now it’s clear the voters have decided: and we chose us. We voted for and will keep demanding results when it comes to criminal justice reform, voting rights, access to affordable health care, immigrant rights, and dignity and respect for every person.” 

“As someone who is passionate about sexual and reproductive health care, I’m hopeful about the future of Virginia, but our lives are more than one election,” said speaker Kayla Lipscomb, Black Organizing Program Organizer for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. “Our lives are not single-issue. Make no mistake, we are fighting the greatest threat to our rights, reproductive freedom and health care access in a generation. Seventy-seven percent of Americans support access to safe, legal abortion. That’s why every vote needs to be counted. When they count every vote—we win.”

“We were celebrating the power of our community and our voice today,” said Tram Nguyen, co-executive director, New Virginia Majority. “We stood up, we voted, and we have created new opportunities to make our vision of justice for all of us a true reality. Tomorrow there is work to be done but today we celebrate a new step forward toward real, meaningful change that works for everyone.”