What Do Water Fountains Have to Do With A Woman’s Right to an Abortion?

It’s another day, so of course conservatives in Virginia are attempting to control women’s bodies and restrict access to the healthcare women need. Apparently, the number of water fountains and parking spaces is really important when it comes to women seeking abortions and other healthcare. Or so The Family Foundation, who is suing to prevent the repeal of the unconstitutional sham restrictions on abortion providers, would have us believe.

Sham Restrictions on Abortion Providers

Targeted restrictions against abortion providers, also known as TRAP laws, are medically unnecessary sham restrictions designed to shut down women’s health clinics. These laws, among other nonsense rules, specify the number of parking spaces and water fountains a clinic must have, while doing nothing to actually protect the health and safety of women seeking abortions and other healthcare.

Thankfully, last year, the United States Supreme Court determined that these laws are unconstitutional in the Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt decision. A few months later, in a huge victory for women’s health, the Board of Health here in Virginia voted to bring our laws into compliance with the Constitution and repealed the sham restrictions.

The Family Foundation Sues For Control of Women’s Bodies

But the arch conservatives at The Family Foundation are desperate to control women’s bodies and just can’t accept that women can make independent decisions. They are suing to prevent the repeal from going into effect, even though that would put our laws at odds with the Constitution.

Women Won’t Stand For Losing Access to Their Reproductive Rights

Women in our communities have the right to to choose how and when to raise their families. It should be simple, but The Family Foundation and their far right allies want to take this right away from us by any means necessary. Even if it means going to court over water fountains and parking spaces in the healthcare facilities that provide access to vitally important healthcare for women.

Join Our Rally for Reproductive Justice in Virginia on Friday, August 11

But we’re here to fight them. Again. On Friday, August 11 at 8:30 a.m., we’re rallying outside of the first hearing of this ridiculous and desperate lawsuit.

Sign up to join us on Friday to show the sore losers at the Family Foundation that women won’t stand for these unconstitutional assaults on their right to determine how they raise their families and where they access their healthcare.


And if you can’t be there in person, join us in spirit by sharing this post to let your friends know that women’s rights in Virginia are still under attack, and women will keep fighting back.