We Won. Now Let’s Get to Work!

We won! Democrats now control both the House of Delegates and the State Senate! 

We knocked doors. We made phone calls. We talked to our friends and neighbors. We voted. We worked our butts off, and it paid off! 

But our work is not finished yet. Not to be a downer, but our work is actually just beginning. 

Just because legislators have a D behind their name doesn’t mean that we will pass all of the progressive legislation that we want. If we don’t push our newly elected legislators to take bold action to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, expand access to abortion, raise teacher pay, and so many other issues we care about, it may not happen. So we have to get to work starting right now. 

We have to hold our new legislators accountable by making sure when they get to Richmond in January, they vote to implement the policies they ran on. We need to call our legislators and deliver this message loud and clear: We will accept nothing less than bold, progressive action. We will not stand for small, incremental changes. We need courageous, substantive changes in order to make sure that all of us, regardless of race, income level, or geographical location, has the opportunity to thrive in our communities.

So let’s get ready now! Sign on to be a Virginia for All of Us co-sponsor. The Virginia For All of Us agenda includes 10 priorities progressives as a starting block for the work we’ll do together over the next few years. We’re fighting for everything from raising the minimum wage and protecting abortion access to fighting climate change and standing up to support our immigrant community. If we can get these priorities through the legislature, just think what we can do next to create a Virginia where everyone can thrive, not just the wealthy few. Sign on to be a co-sponsor and tell your legislators that we will accept nothing less than strong, pro-active legislation that will ensure everyone has a voice and the opportunity to thrive, no exceptions.

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